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Bunny and Clyde Homestead

Rex & English Angora Rabbits

We are a small homestead located in North Texas (60 miles north of Dallas). I specialize in pedigreed English Angora Rabbits and pedigreed Rex rabbits! I strive to produce show quality and herd quality rabbits in line with the ARBA standard of perfection. I believe in limited, ethical breeding, and I do not breed year around. My rabbit's health and well- being are my top priority. I only breed during the fall and winter and only if the doe is receptive. I sell only to serious buyers.  Please see rabbits available for reservation and visit my genetics page to learn more.  I do work with transporters throughout the United States! Upcoming states where I know I can work with transport are listed below.    

Available Rabbits
All rabbits listed below will be ready for new homes at 8 weeks of age. You can reserve a rabbit with a 20% deposit of the total sales price of the rabbit. If you wish to reserve a rabbit, please contact me. I will not know genders until they are closer to 8 weeks old. Please review my policies section before reserving. Rabbits will not leave to their new homes until 8 weeks old.


Every rabbit is priced based on lineage and specific qualities (genetic background, form, coat quality, herd quality vs show quality, and color are all factors to pricing). Certain colors are not showable charlies and vienna marked while beautiful are not showable but vm can produce bews (blue eyed whites) which are showable. Charlies can produce brokens (showable) or more charlies depending on genetic pairing. Charlies are technically brokens but most charlie rabbits don't have enough color percentage to qualify as a broken. Visit my genetics page to learn more.

Show Quality/Show Potential

A rabbit that meets the breed's standards with no disqualifiers (no VM, no deformities, etc. ). A rabbit that is able to be shown in competition with it's breed and is line with the ARBA standards of perfection. Please note that just because a rabbit is show quality does not mean it will win an award. Judges judge each rabbit individually. 

Herd/Brood Quality

A rabbit that may have a couple of disqualifers to show but whoms genetic background would benefit one's breeding program depending on one's goal. May have certain desirable traits that would benefit from being passed on to future generations. 

Pet Quality

A show rabbit can still be a pet rabbit! A brood quality rabbit can still be a pet rabbit. However, it's important to note that when breeders say pet quality it typically means a rabbit that should not be bred due to genetic background or a rabbit that while adorable is in not in line with breed standards. I do not sell " pet quality" rabbits. While my rabbits make great companions- I sell pure bred English Angoras and Pure-bred rex rabbits with the goal of achieving breed standards with quality wool and fur.  


Our Sale's Policies


A 20% deposit ( non-refundable) will reserve the rabbit of your choice. A rabbit is not considered reserved without a deposit. Paying a deposit on a rabbit guarantees that you are purchasing the rabbit and it is reserved for you.

When Kits will be ready:

Kits will be ready for new homes starting at 8 weeks old. Rabbits will be ready for their new homes starting at 8 weeks of age (rabbits will not leave to their new homes until at least 8 weeks old as it is important, they nurse from their mom during this time-no exceptions!). I will not know genders until closer to 6-8 weeks old. We do our best to make sure the sex of our rabbits are correct however sex of younger rabbits are not guaranteed- accidents do happen please keep this in mind. Once a kit is ready for pick up at 8 weeks old I will contact you to confirm the pick up date ( I do aim for weekends)-it is the buyer's responsibility to pick up the kit within 3 weeks of it becoming available for pick up. Example: if a rabbit turns 8 weeks old April 11th you have until May 2nd to pick up unless you have arranged transport. I do charge $10 a week after 3 weeks if you need me to hold a rabbit longer. I will not hold a rabbit for pick up past one month due to the small nature of my homestead we have limited space to hold rabbits for longer than a month. 

All Sales are Final:

  If for any reason something happens to your reserved kit of choice deposits are transferrable to other available kits or you will be top of the waiting list for the next litter. Once a rabbit leaves our rabbitry it is the new owner's responsibility to care for and maintain their new rabbit. All sales are FINAL and non-refundable. However, If for any reason you no longer want your rabbit you purchased from us please let us know first, you can return the rabbit to us; our rabbit's care is our top priority, and we will accept them back at any time (without a refund). We reserve the right to refuse a sale-if WE cancel the sale and you paid a deposit your deposit will be refunded (only if we initiate cancellation). 


All our rabbits are closely observed before transport to ensure they are fully weaned and healthy. Transporters are separate businesses in which you can arrange payment and delivery time frames. Below I post states I know there is transport available. There are transporters I can recommend to the interested buyer. We are not transporters nor are we responsible for transport of animals.

Picking Up:

We are a closed farm to help protect the health of our animals- meaning we only allow buyers to visit by appointment only to pick up their rabbit. We do not allow the general public to handle our rabbits. This sales policy is in place whether it is read or not.

Upcoming Transport Available! 
  • We are not responsible for transport we partner closely with transporters these are routes we know they are travelling

 Route# April 1st-20th 2023-These States have transportation available from Texas

  • Kansas

  • Alpine, Texas

  • El Paso, Texas

  • Albuquerque, NM

  • Arizona

  • Utah

  • Idaho

  • Oregon

  • Washington

Route #2 End of April 2023- These States have transportation available from Texas
  • Oklahoma

  • Missouri

Route #3 will post if I find a route
  • pending any available routes

 Bunny and Clyde Homestead

Please reach out to me to reserve your fur baby! Follow me on face book for updates (Bunny and Clyde Homestead).  

Gabby: 972-469-2535- text

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