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Rabbit Care

Understanding English Angoras

I believe it is important for people to consider the care and time that English angoras require. There is a plethora of resources available to help learn more about this amazing breed of rabbit. Every rabbit purchased from me is provided with transition food, pedigree (if available) and a basic care packet of information I find helpful to the first-time angora owner. They need space to roam and can live up to 10 years. Angoras require regular grooming to keep them healthy. Angora owners need to be familiar with handling rabbits. Without regular grooming their wool becomes matted and can actually irritate the rabbit's skin.  You must become comfortable with grooming your rabbit regularly and be prepared for inevitable matting that may occur from the rabbit getting wet in their water bowl or having hay tangled in their wool.  Angoras are not like normal rabbits they produce wool! Their wool grows up to 1 inch each month. Temperature is important when housing angoras what may be considered comfortable for you may be hot for an angora rabbit as their wool keeps them very warm, they are actually well suited to cooler environments. Heat is a threat to the rabbit's well-being they must be kept cool in summer and wool should be kept short during the heat of the summer.  Fans and cool water are your rabbit's best friend. Your bunny will bond with you and learn your routine over time. Access to clean water and food at all times is important a bunny's digestive system is always at work so they must be able to graze on hay all day. As prey animals' loud sounds and sudden movement can easily scare your rabbit. Being aware of how your bunny will bond with any other animals in your home is important as well. There are many different opinions of what is appropriate housing I believe the best housing is that which keeps a rabbit clean, pest free, comfortable (appropriate temperature and space), predator proof (dogs, and other predators), and gives a rabbit room to roam and not sit in its own waste. 24/7 access to clean fresh water, unlimited timothy hay, and the right amount of high-quality pellets will help your rabbit stay healthy. I also have more information in my rabbit care guide on preventative care and tips to help your rabbit thrive. I believe in researching any animal before committing to becoming their caretaker. 

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