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Rabbit Color Genetics

I find rabbit genetics fascinating. My rabbits are my passion. My focus is ethical limited breeding to produce show quality rabbits and improve wool quality. I also have a project I'll begin in the fall to produce blue-eyed white rabbits (true bews are extremely rare). It's important to note that although Vienna marked rabbits are beautiful, they are not showable. This is why a pedigree is so important to see whether a rabbit is a Vienna carrier. I hope to produce blue-eyed white rabbits in the near future (BEWs are showable). Breeding two Vienna marked rabbits has roughly a 25% chance of producing Bews. BEWs should not be confused with ermines which are different genetically. By keeping my rabbitry small I am able to dedicate more time to each rabbit and with specific small scale breeding I aim to produce quality kits in every litter with desired phenotypes and genotypes. I will have two lines available non vienna marked clean lines and vienna marked/ vienna carriers with goal of producing bews. Show quality rabbits are rabbits that possess the quality to be put on the show table with no disqualifiers and stay true to the breed's standard of perfection outlined by the ARBA manual. Legs, hips, shoulders, depth, weight, wool density, etc. Herd quality rabbits are rabbits that may have certain disqualifiers but that can be beneficial to one's breeding program by passing on certain desirable traits. 


I am grateful for all the wonderful breeders I have learned from as well as their excellent record keeping which allows me to provide my customers with a complete pedigree. 

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